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  • Mike Gahagan

A soccer poem for January

Sonnet to a Centre Forward.

Why oh why can’t our centre forward score?

He has all the attributes to be a hero

He can hit a crossfield pass for forty seven yards or more

But his goal tally is never far from zero.

He can outjump any centre back, wreak havoc in midfield

He can slip past a defender with elan

He can use his muscled body as a ball retaining shield

He loves it if the marking’s man for man.

He’ll go back to defend corners, put his body on the line

He’ll link with our advancing full back all the game

When he collects the ball in traffic he always creates time

His talent puts the other lads to shame.

He’s the perfect centre forward and he’s only got one flaw

He can do all things with one exception: he can never, ever, score!

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