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Draft Club Constitution

Changes are noted in bold and italics:


1. The Club shall be called Amersham Town Football Club and its headquarters and clubhouse shall be located at Spratleys Meadow, School Lane, Amersham Bucks., HP7 0EJ

2. The object of the Club shall be the playing and encouragement of football under the laws of The Football Association.

3. The Club shall not exclude anyone on the grounds of colour, gender or creed and shall endeavour to provide equal opportunities for all.

4. The Club shall be affiliated to the Berks and Bucks Football Association.

5. The colours of the Club shall be black and white.

6. The Club shall consist of a President, Vice-Presidents, Chairman, Officers and ordinary members.

7. The management of the Club shall be by an Executive Committee who will oversee the day-to-day running, governance and administration of the Club, while ensuring its long-term stability, development and financial security.

8. The Executive Committee shall be presided over by the Chairman and comprise the following Officers – Vice-Chair, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary, Director of Football (?) and up to 5 other members.

9. The Executive Committee may set up as many sub-committees as necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the Club. Sub-committees will act within reasonable limits on their own initiative in discharging their duties as set out in their delegated authority but shall be subject to the authority of the Executive Committee. At least one member of the Executive committee shall sit on all sub-committees.

10. The Executive Committee shall meet generally monthly, with a minimum of ten meetings per year. The number required to constitute a quorum of the Executive Committee shall be five (5) while three (3) shall constitute a quorum of any other sub-committee appointed by the Executive Committee.

11. The Officers of the club and the elected members of Executive Committee shall be elected annually at the AGM. They shall be elected for only one year and all shall be eligible for re-election. Any ordinary member may stand for election as an Officer of the club or to the Executive Committee. Nominations for the Officers of the club and for the Executive Committee shall reach the Secretary not later than one week before the AGM. Such nominations must be in writing supported by a seconder and the consent of the nominee must first have been obtained. If the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies a ballot shall take place.

12. The Executive Committee may appoint co-optees to serve on the Committee or any sub-committee on such terms as the Executive Committee resolves and may remove such co-optees. Not more than three (3) ) co-optees can be appointed to the Committee at any one time. A co-optee appointed to the Committee cannot vote on any matter, nor take part in the deliberations on the election of Officers of the Association nor any matter directly affecting Members. Co-optees appointed to a sub-committee may vote on matters delegated to that committee.

13. No person shall be admitted to membership without an interval of at least two days between nomination for membership and admission. To become a member a person must

i: notify the Secretary that he or she wishes to become a member:

ii: complete an application form with their name and address which shall be prominently displayed in the club premises for at least two days. If there is no objection that person shall be elected to membership. If there is an objection that person has a right of appeal to the Executive Committee whose decision must take account of article 3 above and will be final.

All elected members shall be permitted to vote at full meetings of the club, including AGMs and EGMs.

The Executive Committee may also terminate membership but must give two weeks notice in writing to the affected member.

Visitors to the club, associated with a visiting team, may be served with alcohol. Similarly, those attending an event organised or permitted by the club may be served alcohol during that event.

14. In the event of alleged unsatisfactory behaviour by any member of the Club the Chairman shall, if he believes the event merits investigation, convene a Disciplinary Subcommittee consisting of three members of the Executive Committee to investigate the offence. They shall take whatever evidence they feel to be necessary and shall make a recommendation, as to further action, to the Executive Committee. The decision of the Executive Committee shall be final.

15. The Club shall operate Child Protection and Anti-Bullying policies as recommended by the Football Association.

16. An Annual General Meeting shall be held every year not later than fifteen months after the previous AGM. The Business of the AGM shall include:

Hon. Secretary's report

Financial Statement and Accounts

Election of Vice-Presidents, Officers and Committee members

Appointment of Auditors

Any other business for which due notice has been given

17. An extraordinary General Meeting of the club may be convened at any time by:

The Executive Committee when deemed desirable

The Secretary upon receipt of a written requisition signed by not less than twenty members of the club specifying the object of the meeting.

18. At least seven clear days notice in writing of every Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting naming the time and place and object of the meeting shall be given to every member.

19. The annual subscriptions of the club shall be set at the Annual General Meeting or at any Extraordinary General Meeting and shall be payable annually at a date set by the Executive Committee. Any member, other than an honorary member, who has failed to pay his subscription within one month of the due date will be deemed to be a non-member

Observation; we don’t do this

20. No alterations shall be made to these rules except at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting convened for that purpose. Notice of the proposed alteration to these rules together with the name of the proposer and seconder shall be sent to the Hon Secretary; not less than twenty-one days before the date of the General Meeting, and particular of these proposals shall be given in the notice convening the meeting.

21. Any matter not governed by the foregoing Rules shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee whose decision shall be final and binding.

22. The supply of alcohol on the club premises will be permitted between the hours allowed by the licence. The Executive Committee shall have the discretion to close the bar at any time for any period they may decide during the permitted hours.

23. Alcohol may be supplied other than to a member as defined in rule 13 or to a guest of a member

24. Alcohol for consumption on the premises may be supplied to visiting club officials, members and players and to match officials as well as to persons hiring the clubhouse for any purpose and their guests. – do we need to say something about hirers of the clubhouse for parties?

25. A list of names and addresses of all members of the said club shall be kept on the premises. Not done

26. No member shall be entitled to introduce more than three guests into the club at any time.

27. The names and addresses of all guests and the name of the member introducing them to the premises shall be entered into a book maintained solely for that purpose. Such a book shall be kept on the premises. Not done

28. No alcohol shall be supplied by consumption off the premises except to a member in person.

29. Any financial surplus from the Club’s operations must be reinvested into the Club and cannot be distributed to members.

30. In the event of the Club being wound up any net assets must be applied for the purpose of supporting amateur football in the Buckinghamshire Council area.

Amersham Town FC Club Secretary

Approved at Club AGM on

A copy of the Club’s constitution shall be posted in the club premises and/or on the website.

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