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Town awarded grant towards rebuild of clubhouse.

Simon Damery, Chairman of Amersham Town Football Club, welcomed today’s announcement of a grant of £55,000 by the HS2 Community & Environment Fund towards the replacement of part of Amersham Town’s clubhouse.

Simon explained, “Half of our clubhouse is brick built but the other half is an old wooden construction. It was originally a school classroom before it was moved to our ground in 1968 so is probably close to one hundred years old. As a result, in spite of our best efforts, it is in a bad state, rotting in places, requiring constant and expensive maintenance and lacking some modern facilities. We therefore realised that we would have to replace it with a solidly constructed building, including new toilets.”

Simon added, “While, as an amateur club, we are financially healthy expensive construction work such as this is well beyond our means. We have therefore been delighted that the HS2 Community & Environment Fund, managed by Groundwork UK, have made this award. Amersham is a town which will be affected by the construction of HS2 and it is good that support such as this will ensure that our community facilities are sustainable in the long term.

Together with funding of £100.000 provided by the Football Stadia Improvement Fund, supported by the Premier League, we are now able to complete the building. We do not yet know when the next season will start but, whenever it is, we will have facilities of which we can be proud and which will be a long term asset for the people of Amersham.

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