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Ground & Clubhouse 2 10 22.jpg
Ground & Clubhouse 2 10 22.jpg


The purpose of Amersham Town Football Club, as set out in our constitution, is the playing and encouragement of football under association rules.


We have been consistent in our vision over the past one hundred and thirty years. It is to remain financially healthy whilst continuing to improve our facilities in order to further our mission as set out elsewhere on this page. 

Within that context we have, over the past thirty  five years, embarked on a programm of improvement at Spratleys Meadow. We have established our youth pitches, levelled the main pitch, rebuilt the changing rooms to provide modern facilities, rebuilt the stand and, most recently, rebuilt part of our clubhouse and refurbished the remainder to provide a comfortable and welcoming venue .

We value our links with Kings Church Amersham FC who provide excellent coaching and teams for boys and girls of all ages.


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