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Our newly refurbished clubhouse is a fantastic venue for parties, events, meetings and exercise classes.

Recently remodelled and partly rebuilt it consists of a main hall, bar and lounge area together with associated facilities. A new kitchen has recently been installed. The hall measures about 14m by 10m and opens onto a bar and lounge measuring about 7m by 5m. Leading off the hall are the toilets, including a toilet for the disabled and, at the other end of the building, a small committee room.

A set of glazed double doors in the hall opens onto a large raised patio area with seating overlooking the pitch and the Chiltern Hills. Parking adjacent to the clubhouse can accommodate up to 40 cars.

This flexible layout enables multiple uses of the clubhouse, ranging from hospitality for players, spectators and officials to parties and other events. 

The clubhouse is available for hire: contact Simon Damery on 07801817666, email

Completed rebuild 28 12 20.jpg
Clubhouse interior complete 2 21 11 20.j
Clubhouse interior complete 21 11 20.jpg
Clubhouse 11 22.png
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